Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peoples Views!?!?

Lets get started by explaining what peoples views of Back Yard breeding is. If you ask one person the may say a back yard breeder is anyone who breeds any dog, anytime, in any situation from their home/back yard. Others say a back yard breeder is anyone who breeds for money and not the well being of the breed (this includes some kennels). My opinion of a back yard breeder is someone who (as stated above) breeds for the sole purpose of money not caring about the welfare of their dogs or the breed standards.

With that said lets talk about kennels vs. other breeders. Would you consider a kennel with 25 Dams, and 10 Sirs a good place to get your puppy from? Would you consider a place with three females and 1 male a better pick? How about 1 Dam and 1 Sire?

I have met and spoken with people who have purchased dogs from the "knowledgeable kennels" to find out that they feel the puppies were not cared for properly. They may have great pedigrees, and beautiful forms, but have no social skills. They were puppies who never saw a human until feeding time. They were never touched or played with, and as adults were socially daft. They were afraid of everything.

I have also met and been in places where the people have a few dogs inside their home. Some of these places I have been were not suitable for pets. There were rooms that stank like urine, had food (people and pet) everywhere. The dogs coats were unkept, it was clear they had parasites (and weren't treated for them). Theses places seemed to be what many would classified as back yard breeders. They wanted the pets for breeding as a source of income.

 In the past I looked for a place where the breeder was knowledgeable about the breed (I first would do my own research). Some seem to know a lot but if researched actually know very little. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of information and opinions about everything to do with dogs and no one knows it all. I would look for the quality of the environment the puppy lived in. I do understand puppies make big messes, but are their food bowls clean, and do they have a clean warm place to sleep and play. Are they socialized with other animals and people? Have they been cared for (vet checked, shots, de-wormed, loved)?

Another thing to look at are the parents of the puppy (if possible). Ask about their temperaments too. For example Doberman pinschers are "known" to be mean dogs (but in reality are as mean as you make them, or as nice as you want them to be). In the US the AKC has been breeding for looks and gentle temperaments. In Europe one parent must be a champion of the Schutzhund for the litter to be registered. This is to maintain the breeds work ability. So if you want a dog that is more dainty, but will still make people cautious around you this would work. If you want a dog that is bigger bones and has more of a guard dog personality go with a European. The European lines again are full of Champion lines that had to be trained in protection, obedience, and tracking.  Find out what the parents temperaments and lines (this will help you figure out their genetic temperament as well) are, and when you go to visit your puppy (which I recommend doing more then once) watch to see his/her behavior. Please also remember a puppy/dog will behave in the manner you train it.  So whether European, or US lines they will be what you let/make/train them to be!

When Picking a breeder to purchase your puppy from please remember to look for a place that shows real interest in their dogs. To me it doesn't matter if its a large kennel or a responsible "back yard" breeder as long as they are improving the breed, being responsible about it, and loving their dogs! That makes a good breeder.

Also Remember that there are many Dogs and Cats that Deserve great homes that can be found at your local animal shelters. Please never overlook this option.